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Historically Thornby utilised a breeding program which incorporated merino ewes that were mated to White Suffolks on our Kangaroo Island property. In 2021, structural and operational changes within Thornby occurred and we made the decision at that time not to continue with our breeding program. Our focus now is on purchasing quality, specially selected store lambs locally and from across this great nation of ours to enter our feedlot.

On Thornby we have developed a unique feedlot for our lambs that focuses on diet and welfare to create consistently high growth rates and fantasic eating quality attributes.

Our lambs are fed for a minimum of 35 days on a grain-based diet high in protein and energy which they can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via multiple self-feeders. Through receiving the best possible nourishment, free from antibiotics or hormones, the amount of muscle is optimized which results in a dramatic enhancement in meat tenderness. Poorly nourished lambs or older sheep tend to be tougher leading to an unpleasant eating experience. The diet the lambs receives aids the reduction in the “sheepy” smell and taste traditionally associated with lamb meat. 

The latest in animal handling technology and management techniques have been incorporated into our business to ensure our lambs are exposed to the absolute minimum amount of stress possible. Our number one concern is to keep our lambs comfortable and happy, an added benefit of our practices is that reducing stress positively impacts on the eating attributes of the meat.

We place vital importance on having the ability to trace all of our lambs right through the production process from how they were initially raised to where the grain and hay was grown to finish them. In 2010 our business received accreditation to the Livestock Production Accreditation Scheme – Quality Assurance (LPAS-QA) administered by AusMeat. This accreditation confirms our current practices and what we have been preaching about animal welfare and traceability practices. Today we are one of only 5 producers in Australia who can meet these high standards.

To ensure that supply of high quality lambs are available all year round we source store lambs from lamb producers to enter our feedlot. We have developed relationships with numerous producers from right across the country who we source lambs from. For further information including pricing about supplying store lambs to Thornby please contact Alex McGorman on 0421 038 504.

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We are constantly on the lookout for store lambs. For further details please contact Alex McGorman on 0421 038 504